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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Woo Hoo!

I have always been a fat chick. Now a long time ago I was skinny but I don't really remember what that felt like. I was thin up until the great third grade year. So I do consider myself to be big most of my life. I remember those years in elementary P.E. when we had to run a mile. I was the biggest girl and of course I took the longest time. The whole class was either cheering me on or making fun of me. I remembered tonight that those miles took me anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Tonight I broke that record!  Tonight I ran/walked a mile in 19:24 seconds! Oh my was I so proud. To think that all these years I never could do something and now with the power of Jesus I can.
To be quite honest I did not want to go to the gym tonight. I had a headache and was nauseous. When I came home from work I laid down and took a nap. Got up and cooked dinner and I kept saying to myself ...ughhh I don't want to go...I really don't have to...I worked hard this week I could let it go...but the stronger voice said "Stop making dumb excuses and just do it!" I am so thankful that I did. Not only do I feel amazing, I can honestly say I am proud of myself.
Now the skinny people in the gym thought I was crazy so they left. I guess jiggly fat scared them, but at least I wasn't on the couch downing some bon bons. Before I would have just left the gym until I was alone but I got on that treadmill. And my numbers keep improving every time.
I am going to leave you with this quote:
"Listen closely: the only time it's too late to change yourself is when you are dead. Until then, you're simply making excuses or lying to yourself."

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