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Monday, June 6, 2011

Five days in...

So since this is my weight loss journey and I am so serious about this, I have decided to blog about it. I know that it may not be very interesting to some, but I am sure one day that I will look back and be able to see how far I have come.

To be frank and honest about the whole thing, I have been fat most of my life. How does one stop being fat? Go on a diet, exercise, simple right? Well if it is that simple then why are there fat people in this world? Well for starters most fat people eat for reasons other than to fuel their body. Some eat because of emotional issues, some eat because they are bored and some people eat because the food is there. Some fat people are fat because they can not afford the "healthy" food. And this is a major concern for me as I am a single mom and have to think about me and my child. Food is expensive, especially fresh fruits and vegtables. Some are fat because of medical reasons. But out of all the fat people I know, I don't believe that it is a choice. I don't believe that they wake up and say "oh, how I love my fat". I think that as the obesity rate climbs maybe it is because people aren't as active as we once had to be, maybe it is the food thing, but the biggest thing I see is how people eat all this CONVENIENCE food. It is faster and easier...not necessarily cheaper though. Anyway my point is that I have been fat most of my life and I didn't always want to be. I have had other issues blocking me from losing weight, and quite honestly I thought eating and food was more important than me. Yes, I did say that. Sounds dumb doesn't it? To say that tostino's pizza was more important than living an extra thirty minutes is a little stupid right? Not in the mind of this fat girl. What I feel is that emotional attachment to food. Food is there for you, it was my very best friend. You have to have it. It is almost everywhere. We use it to celebrate, grieve, comfort, and to take the place of a void in our lives. At least I have and I did. For a long time I have tried to figure out why I just can't follow through with my healthy living goals. But I finally figured it out. I was trying to do this alone. I can't do it alone. I can't cut myself off of my best friend without having a replacement. My priorities were out of order. You see, instead of celebrating, confiding, grieving, and comforting myself with food, I should have been doing that with my Lord and Savior Jesus. I have prayed to God that He will help me conquer this battle once and for all.

Five days in I can say that He has been there every step of the way.

Five days ago I decided enough is enough. I started the low carb lifestyle. I don't want to say diet because I really want a change. I don't want to go back to where I have came from or where I have been. This is my chance to make it. I have already made a new recipe for egg muffins. I have made it through a weekend of temptations. I started out on June 1, 2011 weighing in at 302 lbs and today June 6, 2011 I weighed 295.6. I am very excited and thrilled. And if you are interested in starting the low carb journey you should check out because they will send you a weight loss kit for free. It comes with coupons, samples of their bars (free but not so tasty), information on the diet and carb counters. I am off for now but hopefully you can keep up with this journey. I hope to inspire you. I hope to make you understand a fat woman's prospective. I hope this change is a lasting change.

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