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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week One Done

So I made it!!! I made it through the first week and suprisingly I had no cravings!! Though I know I did a few things wrong. The biggest thing is weighing myself too much. I weighed in last Wednesday, then Friday, again Monday, Tuesday, and today. That is why I was disappointed when I stepped off the scale about five times today. I have absoluetly nothing to be disappointed with. I lost 8 lbs my first week. But I was disappointed because the scale didn't move from yesterday. So I have vowed to only weigh once a week. I have some great coworkers that are going to make me keep that vow!! I also ate peanuts before I was supposed to but that is an easy fix.
For all you dieters out there I want to discuss a thing or two with you. I have been there, I have tried every weird diet and shake, and to be honest I just had to find something that I liked to eat. I chose Atkins because it is the food that I like to eat. I am not saying that I don't miss the carbs, but I am saying it isn't overly restrictive to me because I like the food options I have. So I recommend trying what is out there. There are a few places that you can go to and enter the kind of food you like and they will give you a diet you can use according to your taste.
 And don't give up. If you really need to lose weight don't give up on yourself. I know it is disappointing to do everything that you know how to do and not see the scale move. Or worse to gain weight when you are sure that you ate well. It is frustrating. I have a friend going through this right now, and I know she is trying and eating like she is supposed to the scale just isn't moving. Honestly the whole dieting thing is an emotional rollercoaster. When you lose weight you are very excited and thrilled. When you stay the same or gain it is depressing. Make sure to surround yourself with encouraging people. People that understand what you are going through, that will listen to you, and people that will hold you accountable. Like I said before, if losing weight was so easy there wouldn't be an obesity problem.
I am happy with my 8 lb weight loss, even knowing that a major part of it is water weight. This is going to be a long journey to go. I have 142 more lbs to go!

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